Monday, 14 April 2014

Reflections of learning from marine reserves

Thanks for showing us that the best place to look for paua and sea anemones is in the seaweed because that is where they hide.  Nikau-Rawiri

Thank -you for a wonderful experience and showing us all of the interesting animals, triple fins, sea anemones, starfish and crabs.    Jonathon

I had a wonderful time experiencing the underwater with you.  There was a type of bug I didn't know.  It was called a sandhopper.  They like to dig holes under tree branches and seaweed.   Boston

Without you some of us would never have been able to have this once in a lifetime experience.  When I was snorkelling with you I saw some ENORMOUS paua.   Hunter

We had heaps of fun, especially when we jumped off the wharf.   Maddy

I enjoyed wharf jumping and snorkelling, and the fish were cool.  Ofa

You showed us all the wonderful wildlife under the sea.  Adonia

It was funny how I found a CD about the ocean.  Nicky

You are fantastic at spotting all the tiny fish, cushion sea stars, sea anemones, crabs, mussels and pretty big fish.  And don't forget all the rubbish we saw ....the knife, phone, smashed wine bottle and the crow bar.  Kairah

Thanks for helping out with the gear, keeping us together and telling us where the best spots were.  Thanks for cheering us on.  Finnan

I put my finger in a sea anemone, it was slimy!  I got to see an eleven armed starfish.  We saw a tyre, a can, a knife, a window wiper and a crow bar.  It is sad that nobody is taking care of the ocean.  Maraea

It was scary jumping off the wharf for the first time.  I was proud of myself.  Ethan

It is very sad that there is rubbish floating in the ocean.  You never know when it could kill our sea creatures.  Rangiatea

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