Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kua pu te ruha, kua hao te rangatahi: When the old net is cast aside, the new net goes fishing

Well, our SOLE programme is underway.  This term we are three groups, from five senior classes, all working on asking BIG QUESTIONS and finding BIG ANSWERS.  We have three different approaches to this.

Tuatahi:  So.....where is the maths?  Georgette Yackman came up with the idea of 'STEAM'. "Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering and the Arts all based in Mathematical elements"

This programme will be based around practical science and technology experiments and challenges.  Each day we will ask, so, where is the maths?  I hope the children will bring this question home and start talking about it with you.  There will be a page on the blog for this group inspired by Whaea Diana's Math Pirates.

Tuarua:  Experiencing Marine Reserves, a social studies and science programme where we get to do a little physical education in the ocean.  Amazing!

Tuatoru:  Basing our experiences around the school garden we will be part of the school ecosystem, planting, growing, eating and exploring.

Alongside all this are our choice theory principles, working as a team, contributing, encouraging, supporting, listening and negotiating differences.

What an awesome year this is going to be!

Mrs C

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  1. It will be a fun year.... enjoy and make the most of every opportunity. :)